The presumption of the American system of government is that a well-informed citizenry is necessary to a free people.

Unfortunately, this is an impossible condition. Either the people are not well-informed, or that when they are, they are unable to manifest a policy congruent with what they know to be true. The claim of Americans practicing self-government or being a free people is impaired and thus a false song of conservative pseudo-ideals.

Man is a slave to his ignorance. Period.

The RULING SCUM aim to keep man, or the masses, ignorant and in fear, to retain their de facto dictatorship.

America is a dictatorship of the RULING SCUM.

Our real political fight is between an authoritarian regime that practices volk teleology to the benefit of the community or an authoritarian regime that bring ruination to the people.  This is what the public can discern. Is society going up or down based on their direct observations. thus, they can see whether life is getting better or seriously worse.

Authentic democracy is impossible given man’s tragic condition.

[1] Man is not omniscient.

[2] He cannot attain empirical facts beyond his own range and understanding.

[3] He cannot have authentic personal opinions on matters he cannot confirm.

[4] His vote is a pathetic guess using the opinions and “facts” doled out to him by others. He is an inauthentic political agent of the mass media he listens to.

[5] Authentic democracy is impossible.

Man is not omniscient. Another way of putting this is his tragic condition. Greek tragedy centers on man’s effort to escape his tragic condition. Oedipus knew he was going to marry his mother, but he did everything he could to avoid that fate. It happened anyways.

A parent going to work might accidently run over their child who is hiding behind the car playing a game. They don’t understand the danger. The parent doesn’t see. The child is run over.

Despite one’s good intentions, despite one’s best effort we are afflicted with “avoidable” misfortune—if we only knew.

If we only knew that plane x would crash for this or that reason, we would avoid that flight.

We don’t know which plane is the next one to go down.

That is the tragic condition.


This tragic condition is even more pronounced in politics and the news. We don’t know the good from the bad politician. We know none of them personally. We don’t know who is lying. We don’t know who is paying who, but we know they are paid.

We, barely, know what is going on in a small town.  No giant fire today. No giant boom. No huge smell. Things look normal. “Nothing so big as to get my attention.” There are many little things that are going on and only a fraction of them make it into the news. Of those, one is relying on the authority of the news outlet, which depends on their honesty.  We know almost nothing beyond our residence without the news. The news media has an outlandish power because we are so dependent on it for information beyond our range of immediate existence.

This epistemological fact, a fact of knowledge, makes authentic democracy impossible. Whoever controls the media shapes public and political opinions which tips the scales for this or that candidate or party. The media and its owners get much more than one-man/one-vote.

The ruling scum know they have this advantage. They use it to the detriment of those dwelling in the cave of their illusions. To them, Plato’s cave is not a warning of a trap to avoid, but a strategy of power. Keep the people trapped in ruling scum illusions based on fear and uncertainty.

We can’t know any empirical facts with certainty though the media claims these to exist. Far too often, they lie making their entire enterprise useless. They have no credibility today. All that we can do is apply deductive reasoning to what they tell us: to spot contradictions, to spot fishy characters who lied before, to doubt until the matter is proven. Even if you doubt all that is said, you still don’t have the facts to make a proper decision.

Now that the media admits that many of their stories are written by AI algorithms, mankind has surrendered its mind to opinions of machines—a slavery of the mind that might never be broken.

Volksaver News is applies the logic of volk teleology to the alleged news of the day to give you practice in how to think in a volk-serving way. That’s the best we can do and what we must do to survive.


The implication of the above is that parties of social democracy, or any other type of democracy simply defy the nature of man.

Thus, the mantra of “Democracy NOW!” is pointless and foolish.

Better to demand “Lawful government, now!” where the law is what is best for the community, not a parasitical faction or fraction of the community. The aim of law is the eudaimonia of the people, to the extent this is realistically possible to them individually and collectively.

What is needed are two things.


[1] a law obligating mass media to tell the truth.

[2] a well-regulated political class.


That political class must be regularly trained and retrained in volk teleology, in some type of political officers college, and public funding of elections to assure self-government against the primary threats of British-Jewish oligarchs and British foreign agents.

Both this solutions prevent the threat of a dictatorship of the ruling scum. 

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