Volksaver News is written from the perspective of volk teleology. 

The Volk is the sum of all VOLK-SERVING Germanic people on this earth.

The Volk concept and volk consciousness connects our ancestors to our posterity—our history to our destiny—and gives us real world meaning and purpose in life. Our purpose in life is our individual contribution to the existence and eudaimonia of the volk. Our meaning in life comes from the fact that we are links in the chain between the past and the future, between what was and what must be. Thus, we mean everything to the volk because without each generation doing its duty, the volk would cease to exist.

Teleology means action for a purpose.

Thus, volk teleology means ACTION for the eternal life of the Germanic people on this earth.

That is what nature demands of us. Nothing else matters but volk-serving action.

We promote what serves the Germanic people and decry what threatens or fails them.

In volk teleology, the law is what is best for the community.

What threatens or fails the Germanic community is against the law.  What re-establishes the law is lawful.


The validation of volk teleology is:

[1] Every species must ACT to SUSTAIN itself or else it goes EXTINCT.
[2] The German ethnos is a species called the Volk.
[3] Germans must ACT to SUSTAIN themselves or else they go EXTINCT.


It follows that:

[4] What sustains Germans has merit, legitimacy, and law over what brings their extinction.
[5] Volk teleology is a necessity of Germanic existence on earth.
[6] What is necessary is exculpatory.


Himmler: “We are marching according to eternal laws. We don’t just want to fight better than past generations. We want to produce the future generations to ensure the eternal life of the Germanic people.” [1]

Rosenberg: “Our new idea places volk & race higher than the existing state and its forms. It declares protection of the volk to be more important than protection of a religious creed, a class, of the monarchy, or the republic. It sees in betrayal of the volk a greater betrayal than high treason.” [link]

Goebbels: “[W]e turned our eyes to the volk alone. That which serves its struggle for life is good and must be maintained and encouraged. What harms its struggle for life is bad and must be cut out.”  – Total War Speech (1943) [2]

Hitler: “If I can accept a divine commandment, it is this: Thou shalt preserve the [volk].” –Table Talk December 1, 1941. 

The spirit of volk teleology animated the Third Reich’s leading men.

The National Socialist movement “champions this people’s right to life.” –Hitler’s Second Book Chapter 5 (36)

National Socialism is the original pro-life movement—a movement of German health, strength, beauty, fertility, and sovereignty—aiming for lasting Germanic existence and eudaimonia. 

We distinguish between racism and racialism.

Racism is the destruction of cohesive peoples, which is what the tri-devils (“allies”) represent to the Germanic people. Their racist degeneracy dominates the world.  Beauty has been replace with ugliness, health with disease, strength with weakness, fertility with infertility, life with death.

Racialism is the cultivation of cohesive peoples. That’s what National Socialism is all about.

Volk teleology fully rehabilitates and legitimizes National Socialism, regardless of, real or imaginary slanders.

What serves the volk is necessary and exculpatory.

The greatest threat to the world is the racist British empire and GENOCIDAL BRITISH GEOPOLITICS.

Journal of Genocidal British Geopolitics_FINAL Journal of Geocidal British Geopolitics 2021-001-FINAL

The world must know that:

  1. The British aimed to put all habitable lands under the British empire, as voiced by Cecil Rhodes.
  2. The British encircled Germany which is aggression and an act of war.
  3. The British Fabian Society groomed Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin to take over Russia by revolution and mass murder.
  4. The REAL evil empire is the British empire.
  5. Because the British empire still exists, mass murder communism keeps marching along.
  6. The American and British-backed Soviet Union has no credibility on the historical record given its record of disinformation.
  7. Its gasacaust claim is disinformation.
  8. The Germans at the Nuremberg Trials were fully innocent of war crimes. Their executions were murder.
  9. The post-war era is nothing more than a hysteria over the truth and justice of National Socialism and the fits and starts of the racist people and empires to realize that Germany and Hitler was true, right, and civilized, while their enemies were the real racists and genocidal maniacs burning down a 1000-year old civilization.
  10. The only thing to get the world out of its current death spiral is volk teleology and volk dharma (a proper pecking order of peoples where the productive cohesive honest peoples of the world replace the lies and deceptions of British-Jewish world domination).


Whereas Germans were fighting for the expression of their life as a people, where National Socialism represented a biological ideology, mass murder communism, capitalism, and democracy are non-biological ideologies that lead to degeneracy and extinction. That is, while Germans were fighting by the legitimacy of volk teleology, the tri-devils were fighting for the extinction of life on earth, including themselves. NS served the life of the Germanic people, while British-American communism denies man the basics of life, capitalism will sell any degenerate or perverted products or services that makes money, while democracy empowers the unproductive and degenerate elements of society leading to a Chavista Death Spiral. This is why the victors of WWII have won nothing, but have exposed their villainy and degeneracy that is leading to the extinction of all on earth in a world wide death spiral that everyone can finally see.

Like the Soviets, the Americans and British fought for nothing, but did engage in the most evil, cruel, and disgusting acts of murder the world has ever seen. This regimes have no legitimacy. Thus, we can show that the enemies of European Greco-Germanic Man have done, and continue to do themselves in, by not admitting the truth.

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